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Patrick Bond
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Patrick Bond is the director of the Centre for Civil Society in Durban, South Africa. His articles are frequently republished on this site and can be accessed below, including a link to original source.
When State and Market Climate Failures are Amplified by Society Failure

South Africa suffered a sobering case of civil society failure at the COP17 climate summit last December. This doesn’t auger well for unity in future campaigns to save the climate, nor for mobilising to save the SA economy from the Minerals-Energy Complex and its own finance ministers, says Patrick Bond.

Will the World Bank Support Dirty Coal in South Africa?

Critics say the proposed .75 billion World Bank loan for a new coal-fired power plant in South Africa is primarily intended to benefit large multinational companies. Will the government heed the growing opposition to a potentially disastrous project? Articles compiled by William Minter.

'Seattle' Copenhagen Call as Africans Demand Reparations

Instead of 'false solutions' to climate change based on market mechanisms, the Copenhagen Climate Conference should use compensation for the ecological debt owed by the North as a mechanism for financing alternative energy and production systems, argues Patrick Bond.

End of Neoliberalism? Sorry, Not Yet

The financial crisis, an unjustified faith in multilateral system solutions and a potentially relegitimised form of neoliberalism via the election of Barack Obama as US president points to a sober conclusion: that free market economics is far from over, says Patrick Bond.

New African Resistance to Global Finance

The global financial crisis will hit African countries hard, especially the exemplar of neo-liberal adjustment policy - South Africa. Now the call for Africa to contest international financial orthodoxy becomes all the more compelling, writes Patrick Bond.

The Financial Meltdown: Roots of the Economic Crisis

The roots of the economic crisis lie in overaccumulation, financialisation and ‘global apartheid’ - and international financial volatility is now constraining social, political and environmental progress in the developing world, argues Patrick Bond

How Europe Underdevelops Africa - And How Some Fight Back!

Despite a history of colonial repression and exploitative modern-day trade deals with the EU, African civil society movements are beginning to win through.

From False to Real Solutions for Climate ChangeThe awareness that environmental activists are generating in campaigns makes us all more conscious of how damaging bogus strategies like carbon trading can be, in contrast with a genuine project to change the world. The draining of Africa’s wealth

Author Patrick Bond on the neoliberal project: