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A Tax Plan to Rally Around: The Buffett Rule

President Obama’s revenue proposal has set the stage for a fierce battle over raising taxes on the wealthy in America. It is up to civil society, small businesses, and individuals around the country to rally behind the principles and policies embodied by the new tax plan, says Chuck Collins.

Reflections on 9/11

On the 10th anniversary of the atrocities that claimed nearly 3,000 victims on September 11th, 2001, commentators question the price paid by the ensuing 'war on terror' declared by US President Bush and his cheerleaders. With 50,000 US troops still occupying Iraq, what has been the real costs of the post-9/11 wars?

Universal Health Care: Can We Afford Anything Less?

A growing number of Americans are going without health care because they cannot afford adequate insurance. Only a single-payer system with universal coverage can control health care costs and avoid fiscal and economic catastrophe, argues Gerald Friedman.

Spreading the Wealth

A new survey shows that Americans across the political and economic spectrum would like wealth to be distributed much more equally. These results suggest that policies that increase inequality, such as tax cuts for the rich, do not reflect popular ideals, explain Michael I. Norton and Dan Ariely.

Tea Party Poses Threat to Democracy

The rise of the Tea Party movement in the US presents a barrier to progressive efforts to democratise the economy so that it can better serve human needs and protect the environment, rather than be driven solely by profit-maximisation, argues Roger Bybee.

The Political Consequences of Stagnation

Failure to assert an inspiring alternative to neoliberalism in the US has led to economic and political stagnation. Progressives must advocate a broader vision - one that upholds democratic decision-making, greater equality and cooperation instead of competition, argues Walden Bello.

US Social Forum: Detroit as a Model

Detroit, the site for the second US Social Forum, has become a symbol of the devastation of deindustrialisation following the collapse of its automobile industry. Now, the city’s bottom-up renewal is inspiring activists around the country to imagine a new, more co-operative way of life.

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