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The Power of Protest Tactics: ‘Just Do It’

Filmmaker Emily James spent a year documenting the secretive world of environmental direct action, delving into the motivations, creativity and determination of those involved. The result is a film which breaks through tired stereotypes and may just inspire the new wave of protest actions across Europe, writes Adam Parsons.

A Global Call for Sharing and Justice

Protesters in the Arab world have much in common with those reacting to austerity across Europe, as well as the millions who have mobilised in support of ending poverty in the South. What we may be witnessing is an emerging public voice in favour of a fundamental reordering of global priorities, write Adam Parsons and Rajesh Makwana.

The Rise of ‘British’ People Power

In the space of a few weeks, a nationwide protest movement has emerged in Britain characterised by intelligent, humorous and peaceful direct actions. The question that remains is whether it can connect with the popular protests in other countries through its fundamental call for equality and justice, writes Adam Parsons

The Commons: A Third Way

By reclaiming our right to manage the commons we can create a new dimension of collective action that empowers people and communities around the world. Defining new global legal jurisdictions for this 'third sector' is one of our great tasks in the 21st century. A talk by James B. Quilligan.

Participatory Politics

The most widely endorsed decision-making systems, such as representative and referendum democracy, have serious flaws. Political institutions must be redesigned to enable greater deliberation and participation in the making of policies, argues Stephen Shalom.

The Movement of Movements: From Resistance to Climate Justice

Just as the 1999 Seattle protests against the WTO launched the global justice movement onto the world stage, Copenhagen may reveal a global civil society that has developed beyond the politics of resistance into a truly diverse, forward-looking force for change, writes Anna White.

The Non-Aligned Movement: Renewed Relevance in a Time of Crisis

As poor countries are disproportionately affected by the financial, food, climate and security crises, the Non-Aligned Movement's call for greater international cooperation must no longer be drowned out by the rhetoric of the G8 and the G20, argues Rajesh Makwana.

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