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The UN, People & Politics

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Although the United Nations remains heavily criticised for its complexity and bias towards the ‘big 5’ nations, it’s noble origins and ideals – embodied in the UN Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights – emphasises the need for a more democratic, powerful and ultimately more representative UN system that can act as a conduit for international cooperation and the securing of basic human needs.

Latest Articles

Global Rules, Local Rulers

A discussion paper analyses how connected citizens feel they are to the international institutions that regulate trade and economic activity, and argues that both NGOs and international institutions need to engage more actively in domestic economic debate in the current challenging climate. Authored by Jim Metcalfe.

The Quebec Student Protest Movement and the Power of the Radical Imagination

To understand the shared concerns of youthful protesters and the global nature of the forces they are fighting, it is crucial to situate these diverse student protests within a broader analysis of global capital and the changing nature of its assaults on young people, says Henry A Giroux.

10 Steps to Becoming a Global Citizen

By recognising that we are all connected, interdependent and part of a world-wide community of people and nations, we affirm our global citizenship. Only as self-aware and active global citizens will humanity be able to create an international movement with the power to establish a better world, and this simple guide points the way. By the Global Citizens Initiative.

When Will Ordinary People Rise Up?

If world leaders and policymakers are paying merely lip service to the unfolding human and environmental catastrophe, is the growing power of the people's voice sufficient to challenge the immense forces that stand in the way of creating a just and sustainable world? 

Reclaim the United Nations from Corporate Capture!

Civil society groups have strong concerns about the growing influence of major corporations and business lobby groups within the United Nations, and call for the UN to prioritise steps that serve the public interest over the creation of policies that result in profits for businesses. A joint statement from Friends of the Earth

Global Civil Society 2012: Ten Years of ‘Politics from Below’

The question we ask is whether today’s generation of protestors represent the harbingers of a new emancipatory agenda, or whether the opposite is the case, that social fragmentation and polarisation from above as well as from below could usher in an even more dangerous and divided world. Or both? By Mary Kaldor.

A People’s History of Robin Hood

The mythic figure of a wealth-redistributionist Robin Hood spans back hundreds of years, and lives on today in the streets of Cairo and Occupied sites worldwide. In the struggle to reclaim common space and share resources, we need him now more than ever, says Paul Buhle.

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