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Poverty & Inequality

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Critiquing the Millennium Development Goals

The Millennium Development Goals address the symptoms of poverty and underdevelopment, but ignore their deeper causes. According to a range of different thinkers, a modified or alternative program is needed to address the social and environmental failings of the current model of economic development.

Rethinking Jeffrey Sachs: New Proposals for the End of Poverty

Jeffrey Sachs' influential proposals for ending poverty lack an acknowledgement of the ongoing plunder of Africa’s resources by corporations and governments. To tackle impoverishment, development assistance must focus on justice rather than aid, argues Jason Hickel.

"This World Order Is Not Just Murderous, It Is Absurd"

Fighting against the imbalance in the world, in his book the ‘Hatred of the West' Jean Ziegler calls for a new social contract based on global solidarity and dialogue between the South and the West. Interview conducted by Cathy Ceiba.

Disappearing the Poor

As if to demonstrate that poverty is now a residual issue in the world, the poor are being slowly eliminated from the imagery of the busy global media.

The Global Establishment and Global Inequality

In its most recent World Economic Outlook even the International Monetary Fund (IMF) dealt with the issue of "globalisation and inequality". In the last two decades, according to the IMF, income inequality has increased in most regions and in most countries worldwide. 

Split By Decision

The rich are getting richer due to market forces—and to very human choices, writes Daniel Gross in this Newsweek special report.

Indexing Humanity, Indian Style

117,000 Women Dead From Childbirth, But, Take Cheer, the Market is Soaring!

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