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Poverty & Inequality

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More than 1.4 billion people live in poverty so extreme that they can barely survive, and around 25,000 people die from hunger each day whilst a new billionaire is created every second day. The call for a global safety net has never been so urgent - and compels the international community to transform economic priorities and guarantee the universal securing of basic human needs.

Latest Articles

Spotlight on the UN High-Level Event on the Millennium Development Goals

The UN will convene a High-level Event on the MDGs in New York on 25 September 2008. At the halfway point towards the target date - and with hunger on the rise - new questions are being asked about their effectiveness.

Poverty Reduction Claims Under Scrutiny

The World Bank's recent estimates on global poverty, particularly in relation to China, are being challenged by an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) which monitors poverty eradication and gender equality: the 2008 Basic Capabilities Index. By Thalif Deen.

World Hunger Outstripping Aid Efforts

Some 220 million people are "on the edge of emergency" in 2008, almost twice as many as in 2006, says a report by CARE released ahead of next week's UN summit to measure progress toward the Millennium Development Goals. By Alison Raphael.

World Bank Poverty Figures: What Do They Mean?

The World Bank's revised international poverty line of $1.25, which on many counts reveals a negligible difference in reducing poverty since 1981, raises legitimate questions about the assumed success of globalisation, writes Adam W. Parsons.

Do the Poor Count?

The World Bank's latest poverty figures underline the fact that globalisation has been largely ineffective at either reducing the burgeoning ranks of the world's poor, or including this vast swathe of the global population into the mainstream economy, writes Adam W. Parsons.

Fighting Poverty: A Global Challenge

A new system should be created that is totally focused on social relief and justice, not pandering to the calls of the profit-driven private sector capitalist market that permeates the present world, says Dr David Hill.

World Poverty 'More Widespread'

The World Bank has warned that world poverty is much greater than previously thought. It has revised its previous estimate and now says that 1.4 billion people live in poverty, based on a new poverty line of $1.25 per day, reports Steve Schifferes.

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