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Multinational Corporations

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The Return of State-Owned Enterprises: Should We be Afraid?

Following the recent wave of nationalisations and government-backed bank capitalisations, there is no reason to believe that a return of State-Owned Enterprises will be as inefficient and wasteful as those of the 1970s and 1980s, argue Aldo Musacchio and Francisco Flores-Macias.

Shell Pays Out Over Human Rights Violations

In response to charges of human rights violations in Nigeria, Shell has made one of the largest recorded corporate payouts. Human rights lawyers view the settlement as a step towards international businesses being made accountable for the social and environmental impact of their actions.  

Shell's Game

Saving the biosphere cannot be left to goodwill and greenwash from oil companies like Shell, and governments cannot let them drift into whatever fields they find profitable, regardless of the consequences for people or the environment, writes George Monbiot.

Pin-Striped Pirates

Recent efforts by the British Government to stop robbery on the high seas obscures a more menacing form of theft - the UK's attractive portfolio of  tropical and temperate islands in which pinstriped pirates can bury their treasure, argues George Monbiot.

The 10 Worst Corporations of 2008

2008 marks the 20th anniversary of Multinational Monitor's annual list of the 10 Worst Corporations of the year. The financial crisis has revealed that corporations, if left to their own devices, will destroy themselves and the system that nurtures them, writes Robert Weisman.

How Big Oil's Lobbyists Contributed to Big Finance's Crash

Working Americans are reeling from the "unintended consequences" of the relentless war against regulation. The deregulated futures market benefits the remaining top two investment banks and one industry - Big Oil, writes Antonia Juhasz.

The Other Bail-Out

The banking crisis has diverted attention from the billions of dollars of public money being spent to help car manufacturers go green. The greenest thing governments could do is to allow these multinationals to go under, says George Monbiot.

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