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Multinational Corporations

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The Soils of War

The US-led 'reconstruction' of Iraq and Afghanistan illustrates the growing role of agribusiness on the battlefield, the blossoming of a private 'development' industry and a dangerous merging of the military and corporate humanitarianism, argue GRAIN.  

Banks Facilitate Corruption in World's Poorest Countries

A new report has named numerous major banks that conduct business with corrupt regimes. By accepting such customers, these banks are assisting those who are squandering state assets to enrich themselves or brutalise their own people. Report by Global Witness.

The Perils of the Coming Sugar Economy

Its advocates promise a green, clean, post-petroleum future, where biotechnology produces economically important compounds. But the forthcoming 'sugar economy' will be a catalyst for a corporate grab on all plant matter and the destruction of biodiversity on a massive scale, says Hope Shand.

Activists Target Corporate Chiefs' Tax Subsidies

U.S. taxpayers shell out 20 billion dollars a year to pad business chiefs' earnings and to prop up the world's most lopsided corporate pay scales, say activists seeking to highlight inequality in this election year. By Abid Aslam.

Anglo American: The Alternative Report

British mining company Anglo American is profiting from a pattern of global abuse and brutality against poor people, including the murder of opponents who say the firm’s mining operations threaten their livelihoods. Anglo American is the world’s second largest mining company and one of the 10 largest British companies, with net profits of over $6 billion in 2006, says a report by War on Want.

Race to Lower Corporate Taxes Hurting Governments' Bottom Lines - Report

Increasing attempts by governments and corporations alike to decrease the share of taxes paid by multinational companies could lead to a crisis situation for public funding in many parts of the world, warns a new study released by one of the leading international trade union organizations.

Report exposes role of corporate lobbyists in setting EU trade agenda

EU trade policy is being driven by the demands of European businesses for new markets rather than by the needs of developing countries, European citizens or the environment according to a report released as European trade ministers meet in Brussels.

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