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Multinational Corporations

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The Corporate Enclosure of Democracy?

A US Supreme Court ruling has abolished long-standing limits on corporate contributions to political campaigns. Does this edict uphold the right to freedom of speech, or does it corrupt democracy by further entrenching the electoral power of business interests?

From Corporate Strategy to Global Justice

It has become fashionable to laud corporate social responsibility as a win-win practice for business and society. Yet CSR is a misleading and distracting doctrine that blinds us to the political realities of corporate economic globalization, writes Jessica Ludescher.

Commodifying Children: The Forgotten Crisis

The current financial crisis offers an opportunity to question the corruption of children's culture by rampant commercialisation, commodification and consumption. A road to recovery cannot be simply about returning to a re-established, bankrupt consumer society, argues Henry A. Giroux.

No Escape: Marketing to Kids in the Digital Age

Contemporary marketing tactics have all but obliterated the boundaries between advertising and editorial content, and raise the twin specters of manipulation and invasion of privacy, argue Jeff Chester and Kathryn Montgomery.

Our Diet of Destruction

Huge areas of the Amazon rainforest are being cut down to satisfy global demand for soya. But how did this crop and a handful of others come to dominate our diet so completely? In an extract from her new book, Felicity Lawrence investigates the faceless trading giants who really decide what goes on our plates, writes Felicity Lawrence.

The Corporate Begging Bowl

They bleat about the free market, then insist that we subsidise them, writes George Monbiot.

Stand Up to Corporate Power: Who Will Rule?

Citizen movements are proving that we can take on corporate power, and together build a future that works for all life, write Michael Marx and Marjorie Kelly.