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Multinational Corporations

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Multinational Corporations are the main actors driving economic globalisation which thrives when market forces are de-regulated, allowing essential goods and services to be allocated by commercial activity, not human need. The result is a world economy that favours affluent countries and their corporate interests whilst neglecting those living in extreme poverty who the market fails to reach.

Latest Articles

Calling the Corporations to Account

Since the 1990s, the power and economic might of multinational corporations has rapidly expanded and nothing effective has been done to limit their reach. Rio+20 offers a golden opportunity to broker an agreement to regulate corporate activity at international level, says Helena Paul.

Executive Excess 2011: CEO Rewards for Tax Dodging

The 18th annual survey on 'executive excess' explores the intersection between CEO pay and aggressive corporate tax dodging, and concludes that the US has a corporate tax system today that works for top executives — and no one else. By the Institute of Policy Studies

Stronger Measures Needed on Human Rights and MNCs

The UN Human Rights Council recently endorsed a set of "Guiding Principles" where companies are encouraged, but not obliged, to respect human rights. Without binding rules and a greater scrutiny of activities, multinational corporations will continue to act with impunity, say civil society organisations.

US Uncut: The New Movement against Austerity

US politicians continue to push budget cuts as the only solution to the deficit, even though America’s largest corporations contribute almost nothing to government revenues. US Uncut are rallying for the obvious solution – end corporate tax-dodging and save public services. By Brian Tierney.

How to Build a Progressive Tea Party

The British public are rallying in support of UK Uncut to send a strong message to the government: why should we suffer cuts in services while tax-dodging corporations are let off the hook? American citizens should ask themselves the same question, writes Johann Hari.

Corporations Are Only Human - At Least In Law

The corporation is increasingly being treated as a ‘natural entity’ under the US legal system, with rights similar to those of human beings. Equating corporations and people is not only nonsensical, it is also dangerous, argues Brian Landers.

Calling Time: Why SABMiller Should Stop Dodging Taxes in Africa

SABMiller, the world’s second largest brewing company, avoids an estimated £20m of taxes in Africa and India every year – enough money to educate a quarter-of-a-million African children, according to a report by ActionAid.

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