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Middle East

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25,000 civilians killed since Iraq invasion, says report

The number of Iraqi civilians who met violent deaths in the two years after the US-led invasion was today put at 24,865 by an independent research team.

Iraq: A Sudden Rush for the Exits

The growing opposition to the war in Iraq here in the US, and the growing strength and success of the various resistance groups fighting against the US occupation in Iraq, have put the Bush Administration in a serious bind, not just at home but in Iraq itself.

American Exit Strategy from Iraq

As we all know, the United States took the initiative to invade Iraq, contrary to the judgment of outstanding statesmen of the caliber of Pope John Paul II, Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu of South Africa, as well as Oscar Arias of Costa Rica, in addition to numerous highly respected personalities. This American nation should now take the initiative to search for an honorable exit from Iraq without further delay, the sooner the better.

U. S. to Attack Syria and Further Destabilize Middle East?

President Bush is on the warpath again, this time threatening to force changes in Syria, which he claims "is out of step" with Middle Eastern "progress."

Building the Wall

“When they started to build the wall, the IDF came to us at night. They shot and threw stones towards our house and claimed it was for security reasons. The first time it happened was in October last year. They took my husband and my oldest sons behind the house and I heard shots. I thought they killed them, and I collapsed totally. But they only wanted to frighten us, and said it was a warning”, Zareefa Abu Sahreb told us in Arabic.

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