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Middle East

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The Marriage of a One-State and a Two-State Solution

Political separation of Israelis and Palestinians, where both have the right to settle within a unified territory, may be the solution to their ongoing conflict. Such shared stewardship could bring both sides security, international recognition and legitimacy, argues Russell Nieli.

Iraq: Face of Corruption, Mask of Politics

As US troops withdraw from Iraq, they leave behind the remnants of failed reconstruction efforts and a highly corrupt political class. Clean and efficient Iraqi institutions built from the bottom up are needed to fill the legal and regulatory breach that the occupation has caused, says Zaid Al-Ali.

The Great Middle East Peace Process Scam

The Middle East peace process may be the most spectacular deception in modern diplomatic history - masking the desire of the Israeli government to continue settlement on Palestinian territory, destroy Hamas by force, and place Palestinian statehood in 'formaldehyde', argues Henry Siegman. 

Ecological Warfare: Iraq's Environmental Crisis

The ecological effects of war, like its horrific toll on human life, are exponential. When the Bush Administration and their Congressional allies sent our troops in to Iraq to topple Saddam's regime, they not only ordered these men and women to commit crimes against humanity, they also commanded them to perpetrate crimes against nature, argue Jeffrey St Clair and Joshua Frank.

Bush Administration War Plans Directed Against Iran

Quoting official sources, the Western media is now confirming, rather belatedly, that the Bush Administration's war plans directed against Iran are "for real" and should be taken seriously, says Michel Chossudovsky.

The Struggle over Iraqi Oil

The struggle over Iraqi oil has been going on for a long, long time. One could date it back to 1980 when President Jimmy Carter -- before his Habitat for Humanity days -- declared that Persian Gulf oil was "vital" to American national interests, argues Michael Schwartz.

The king of fairyland will never grasp the realities of the Middle East

A US leader in his second term should have the power to rein in Israel. But George Bush is no ordinary president, writes George Monbiot.