Kibera has become one of the most infamous slums in the world. But the visiting pop stars, politicians and Western journalists seldom explain how the enduring poverty and inequality in Kenya is intimately related to an unjust economic system that connects our different worlds. In this exposé, Adam Parsons sets out to unravel how a ‘megaslum’ such as Kibera came to exist, what economic forces shape the reality of life for slum-dwellers in Africa, and what it really means to live in extreme poverty.

In a mix of travel writing, history and political narrative, Megaslumming vividly describes life in the slum through the eyes of its different residents – the AIDS orphans, the grandmother-headed households, the neglected schools, the Nubian elders, and most of all the street boys who become the author’s guides and bodyguards inside the dangerous shantytown.

Written as a lucid introduction to global justice issues, this book ultimately raises serious questions about the current direction of world development – and points the way to a more equitable and inclusive future world.

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