The following books and reports are recommended as an introduction to the issue of slums and urban poverty:

The Challenge of Slums: Global Report on Human Settlements, UN-HABITAT, London 2003
The first truly global audit of urban poverty and an essential resource on the growth of slums.

State of the World's Cities 2006/2007, UN-HABITAT, December 2006
The UN findings reveal ‘a tale of two cities within one city’ in their two-yearly major report on urbanisation.

In the Cities of the South, Jeremy Seabrook, 1996
A unique, personal account of life in the vast and ever-expanding cities of South Asia.

Planet of Slums, Mike Davis, 2006
A bestselling polemic on the causes of the exponential growth of slums in the modern period.

Slumming India: A Chronicle of Slums and Their Saviours, Gita Verma, 2003
A whistle-blowers account of urban development in India and the failure of the state to provide adequate housing for all.

The Challenge of Sustainable Cities, Rod Burgess, Marisa Carmona, Theo Kolstee (eds), 1997
An assessment of what is happening in cities in an era now dominated by neoliberal development policy.

Divided Cities: Oxford Amnesty Lectures, Richard Scholar (ed), 2006
Eight leading urban thinkers give contrasting arguments about why divisions arise in the world’s cities.

The People of Kibera, Greg Lanier (ed), 2009
An engaging exposé of life in sub-Saharan Africa’s largest shantytown written by two of its residents.

Shadow Cities: A Billion Squatters, A New Urban World, Robert Neuwirth, 2004
An investigative reporter challenges common preconceptions about squatter settlements in different countries.

Squatter Citizen: Life in the Urban Third World, Jorge E. Hardoy and David Satterthwaite, 1989
A classic book about the lives of the 'squatter citizens' and the problems they face in their struggle for survival.

Cities (Small Guides to Big Issues), Jeremy Seabrook, 2007
An introduction to the impact of urbanisation on modern life, providing a sharp critique of global policies.

Alternatives to Economic Globalization, John Cavanagh, Jerry Mander (eds), 2004
A comprehensive set of alternative proposals to the current rules and institutions of economic globalization.

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