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Land, Energy & Water

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The three essential resources of land, energy and water are connected by the same crisis of inequality driven by increasing privatization and corporate control. While universal provision remains an eminently practical goal, it requires a shift in global priorities and wide-scale redistribution through a system of international sharing monitored by an effective and representative United Nations.

Latest Articles

Food Crisis Causes Surge in Land Grabbing

Rich nations supported by multinational corporations are increasingly buying the rights to agricultural land in developing countries as a direct response to the food crisis - causing massive displacement and threatening the livelihoods of poor farmers in the Global South.

Water and Sustainable Development

Water is the dream capitalist product, with inbuilt scarcity and rarity, indispensibility to human life, and no possible substitutes. All the more reason that this universal good should be placed under democratic control and allocated fairly, says Susan George.

Our Water Commons: Towards a New Freshwater Narrative

The privatisation of the world's natural resources leaves us 'awash with capital but literally running out of nature'. Now, we need a counter narrative to legally protect our global commons, and share our most essential resources, argues a new report by Maude Barlow.

Obama's Toughest Challenge: America's Energy Crunch Comes Home

President Obama will face a tough, if not overwhelming, challenge in attempting to get the nation's long-term energy crisis in hand. Needed is a major White House-led initiative on the scale of the World War II Manhattan Project that produced the Apollo Moon Project, says Michael T. Klare.

Paraguay: The Struggle for Land

Land reform, one of Lugo's main campaign pledges, has become a hot issue requiring an urgent response from the government since the death of campesino (peasant) leader Bienvenido Melgarejo in a violent eviction of landless peasants from a farm in the northeastern department (province) of Alto Paraná on Oct. 3. Reported by Natalia Ruiz Díaz.

Is Water the New Oil?

Global water mismangement and free-market logic will lead to a 'humanitarian crisis' and international 'water wars' - all the more reason to cooperatively share our resources and cut excess consumption, argues Juliette Jowit.

Seized! The 2008 Landgrab for Food and Financial Security

Simultaneous food and financial crises have, in tandem, triggered a new global land grab that if left unchecked could spell the end of small-scale farming and rural livelihoods in numerous places around the world, argues GRAIN.

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