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Land, Energy & Water

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The three essential resources of land, energy and water are connected by the same crisis of inequality driven by increasing privatization and corporate control. While universal provision remains an eminently practical goal, it requires a shift in global priorities and wide-scale redistribution through a system of international sharing monitored by an effective and representative United Nations.

Latest Articles

Nuclear is Not the Solution, itís Part of the Problem

A golden age of energy is coming to an end and we have to make the transition to a new age, before our fossil fuel inheritance is spent. But the urgency of the climate challenge and the immaturity of nuclear technology means we must turn to renewables to find a solution, writes Dr. Thiemo Gropp.

Paradigm shift in food security thinking at World Water Week

At the World Water Week conference in Stockholm, some organisations put forward a new vision for achieving food and water security. This represents a shift in the paradigm that food production must be increased at all costs, and instead focuses on food waste and sustainable diets.

Land, Life and Justice

An investigation into cases of land grabbing in Uganda, focusing in particular on oil palm plantations in Kalangala, Lake Victoria. This report assesses the impacts on rural communities and on the local environment, and questions who benefits from these projects, by Friends of the Earth International.

No More Handouts to Big Oil

Here are five simple rules to help understand how loony our government policy is when it comes to subsidizing the fossil fuel industry. By some estimates, getting rid of all the planet’s fossil fuel subsidies could get us halfway to ending the threat of climate change, says Bill McKibben.

The Global Water Grab: A Primer

Water grabbing refers to situations where powerful actors take control of valuable water resources for their own benefit, depriving local communities whose livelihoods often depend on these resources and ecosystems. A report by Sylvia Kay and Jennifer Franco.

Public Water Management Services Need "Committed Citizens"

The trend of privatisation and commercialisation of water services, which set in in the 1980s and continued throughout the 1990s, has come to a halt due to the process’ own failures, and has given rise to a return of those services into efficient public management, according to a new book.

Occupying the World Water Forum

As high-level delegates attend the sixth World Water Forum in Marseille, social justice and environmental groups are protesting against the 'trade show' that lacks legitimacy and promotes the interests of large transnational corporations. Their message to policymakers: 'Our water is not for sale!'

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