Sharing the commons: wealth, power and natural resources

14. Rajesh Makwana & Adam Parsons - Share the World's Resources

The above presentation was given at The International Union for Land Value Taxation ( conference on 25th July 2013, held at The School of Economic Science in London. The theme of the day was 'Sharing the Commons', hosted as part of a 5-day conference under the heading: 'Economics for Conscious Evolution'.

What is economic sharing? Why does it make sense to talk about sharing in economic and political terms? And what could sharing mean in practice as a policy framework? In other words, how could any process of economic sharing take place on a global level, and how could such a process unfold in the face of today's seemingly insurmountable barriers to progress? This presentation is an introduction to such questions about the relevance of sharing in resolving the world's urgent crises. The presentation slides below can be viewed in conjunction with the video footage.

Sharing the Commons: Wealth, Power and Natural Resources from Share The World's Resources

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