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Human Development in South Asia 2009

Conventional theories suggest that international trade will benefit human development, but the reality on the ground in South Asia does not bear this out. Inequities persist in the global trading system to the detriment of developing countries' interests, says a report by the Mahbub ul Haq Human Development Centre.

Bauxite Mine and Refinery Devastate Lives in India

Communities living in south-west Orissa – already one of the poorest areas in India – are facing the further expansion of Vedanta’s bauxite mining project. The mine is already causing air and water pollution that threatens the health of local people, finds a report by Amnesty International.

Poverty Reduction in China and India

While many commentators regard China and India as the ‘success stories’ of economic globalisation, growing inequalities in both countries reveal there has been little ‘trickle down’ effect for the poor, finds a report by UN DESA.

Financial Crisis to Create Social Unrest in Asia and the Pacific

The global financial crisis could ignite social unrest in Asia and the Pacific as the region is hit by the 'triple crunch' of a worsening poverty, food price instability and climate change, according to a report by ESCAP.

New Study Exposes the Human Cost of China’s Economic Miracle

A large part of China’s remarkable economic development has been achieved at the expense of the basic rights of millions of former state-owned enterprise workers, says a new report released by Rights & Democracy and the China Labour Bulletin.

Up In Smoke? Asia and the Pacific

Climate change will reverse decades of social and economic progress across Asia, campaigners claim. A report by a coalition of environment and aid agencies - called 'Up In Smoke? Asia and the Pacific' - calls for urgent action to avert the threat. 

'Chinadependence' in the UK as the World goes into 'Ecological Debt'

On Saturday 6th October 2007 the world as a whole went into ecological debt driven by over-consumption. 'Ecological debt day' is the date when, in effect, humanity uses-up the resources the earth has available for the year, and begins eating into its stock of natural resources.