Jobs and Internships

Please note that there are no job vacancies or internship opportunities at present. Please check this page regularly and sign up to the newsletter for updates here:

STWR offers ongoing internships in various areas including research, campaigning and communications. Please note that the summer internship deadline has now passed, and the internship program is currently closed

Internship Overview

The STWR internship program allows graduates to acquire valuable experience in a range of capacities whilst working for a progressive NGO during a key stage of its growth.

Interns will generally be considered if they can commit to a full time position for three months, or to a minimum of two and a half days per week, for a period of six months. They may be working directly in the office or remotely depending upon the individual’s experience, competence and our requirements.

As STWR is a small organisation, interns will be working closely with key members of the team and will contribute directly and significantly to our activities.

STWR Activities

Share The World’s Resources advocates for governments to share essential resources, such as water, energy and staple food, in order to secure basic human needs. We aim to promote greater international cooperation to facilitate a more equitable distribution of these vital goods and services.

As a non-governmental organisation with recommended consultative status at the United Nations, we publish reports on key global issues and provide information on how and why economic sharing can end poverty and promote international peace and security. In order to achieve these goals, we utilise a number of communication strategies including:

1. The Website
We research and present incisive and informative news, articles and reports relating to a diverse range of global issues. Additional research on these issues is regularly added to supplement our growing database of development and global justice resources.

2. Writing reports and articles
We are currently focusing on writing a range of comprehensive reports on key global issues which will include information about the need for greater economic sharing and specific policy recommendations. In addition, we regularly write editorials and shorter articles.

3. Campaigning & Communications
These reports and articles will be circulated widely through a variety of channels to policy makers, NGOs, students, academics and media sources. Additional communication strategies are continually being developed to engage students and the general public through social networking sites and discussion forums.

Internship in Detail

We offer the chance for interns to learn about the many different aspects of how an advocacy NGO and think tank operates, and we provide an opportunity for individuals to develop their own distinctive skills within our small team. Due to our size and cooperative environment, successful candidates will have the unique opportunity to work as an integral part of our core team and directly contribute to our work and objectives.

For some positions it may not be mandatory to work from our London office, and we will consider individuals who live further away and are able to work from home. The duties assigned to interns may be varied and can include conducting research, writing, maintaining the website, implementing a communication strategy or supporting the organisation’s general activities. 

Internships are unpaid, although depending on individual circumstances, we should be able to reimburse your travel or lunch expenses. 

Below are lists of essential and desired requirements for internships with STWR.


  • A three month commitment of five days a week for three months -or a six month commitment of two and a half days a week – although we can be flexible where necessary.
  • Degree level education in a relevant subject, such as international development, economics, law or anthropology. We may also consider candidates from a different educational background, for instance journalism or marketing, if other requirements are satisfied.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of international politics and institutions, and international development issues - such as trade, aid, finance and the environment.
  • A personal passion for and commitment to international social and economic justice.
  • A sympathetic understanding of STWR’s stance on international development issues.
  • Excellent written English and proven communication and presentation skills.
  • Fluency in using the Internet and MS applications for effective communication.
  • The ability to organise and prioritise a busy workload and to work to deadlines.
  • The capability to both work cooperatively within a small team, and to undertake independent proactive work when necessary.
  • Ownership of a reliable PC or laptop and telephone,  access to the internet and space to work from home if necessary.
  • Willingness to attend occasional events such as demonstrations and conferences outside of normal working hours.


  • A Masters degree in a relevant subject.
  • An active participation in the global justice, peace or environmental movement.
  • Broad knowledge of STWR’s key research areas, including economic growth and sustainability, multinational corporations and democracy, the policies of the IMF, World Bank and WTO, international aid, and the role of the UN and people’s movements.
  • A working knowledge of our website, its structure and content.
  • Familiarity with online campaigning tools or content management systems (CMS).
  • Some experience writing articles - online or in print.
  • Experience working with other NGOs in a similar capacity.
  • An intellectual appreciation of how greater economic sharing presents a viable solution to many of the world’s most pressing concerns.

Please note that interns will be assessed on an individual basis and their duties and responsibilities will be tailored to each applicant.

How to Apply

Please Note:
1. We only accept applicants who (a) hold the right to work within the European Union or (b) are based outside of the EU but have the right to work in the UK for the duration of the internship as part of their degree course. We do not take responsibility for organising visas or work permits for interns.
2. Applications are accepted by email only.

If you are interested in applying for an internship, please send us the following information: 

  • An up to date CV.
  • At least three recent examples of your writing. These could be essays, articles or other materials which relate to STWR’s key issues.
  • A personal statement which, in no more than 400 words;
    (a) details why you would like to work with STWR.
    (b) demonstrates your understanding of our core principles and activities.
    (c) indicates which type of role you are most interested in, if any – e.g. communications, research, or a more general role.

Please include this personal statement in the body of the email.

Please clearly write ‘APPLICATION’, followed by your full name in the subject field of your email, for example:

‘APPLICATION – John Jones’

Please send the email and all attachments to info (at)

The Selection Process

1. We will send you an email to confirm we have received your application, which will be sent within five days.
2. We endeavor to contact all applicants again by email, confirming if successful or unsuccessful, within one month of their initial submission.
3. If your written application is successful, we will contact you to arrange an interview at our London Office.
4. Depending on the number of interviewees, we may request a second interview and/or set a short written task.