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IMF, World Bank & Trade

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The failure of the IMF, World Bank and WTO to represent and further the interests of the developing world, through their one-size-fits-all approach, has lead to the collapse of trade negations, widespread criticism of their effectiveness, and bitter international protest. Many countries are rejecting the neoliberal ideologies of the ‘unholy trinity’ with intensifying calls for their reform or decommissioning.

Latest Articles

The Problem with Patents

Intellectual property law leaves the poor and the indigenous vulnerable to patent piracy. Recognizing their rights would bring about crucial progress in the development of the Third World where traditional knowledge is a valuable natural resource, argues FeiFei Jang.

WTO: Staying the Course in the Face of Mistakes

The WTO's urgency to open up markets through seeking a Doha Round agreement has other motives - to mitigate the cost of the financial collapse at the expense of developing countries, argues Umberto Mazzei.

World Economic Crisis: No Room for Band-Aid Solutions in the Third World

The World Bank's proposals for a host of social protection measures following the economic crisis are mainly concerned with fostering some level of legitimacy in a teetering system, while continuing the "super-exploitation" of the poor in developing countries, argues Reihana Mohideen.

Obama and NAFTA

Some Obama-watchers claim he's waffling on his promise to renegotiate NAFTA, but this is a historic opportunity to change course in crisis, and should no longer be a question of 'will he or won't he', writes Laura Carlsen.

End of Neoliberalism? Sorry, Not Yet

The financial crisis, an unjustified faith in multilateral system solutions and a potentially relegitimised form of neoliberalism via the election of Barack Obama as US president points to a sober conclusion: that free market economics is far from over, says Patrick Bond.

European Union Policies and Migration

The European Union response to increasing numbers of desperate migrants attempting to enter its borders has been to tighten security and close its borders. Would a better solution be to analyse the factors that made them move in the first place? By Susan George.

The World Bank, the IFC and the Antecedents of the Financial Crisis

Privatisation and deregulation in the financial sector laid the groundwork for economic turmoil. Far from being confined to the rich world, agencies of the World Bank played a key role in pushing these policies in emerging markets, exposing them to the fallout of the financial crisis, writes Paulo dos Santos.

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