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New Study Reveals Twice As Many Affected By Malaria

The new study, published in Nature by a team from the University of Oxford1 is considered to provide the most comprehensive and realistic estimates on malaria to date. Researchers now estimate that there may have been up to 660 million clinical cases in 2002 alone (over 1 million new cases each day), doubling existing WHO estimates for Africa and more than tripling estimates for countries outside of Africa.

Ultimate Goal of Corporations in America: Gaining Control of Universities

The policies used by big corporations in America to achieve what they want by all means are very different from those used by peaceful democratic organizations world-wide. Responsible democratic organizations across every continent try to get what they want by educating the general public to see things into true perspective as they relate to their exclusive welfare. This way they build a wide support for the humanitarian goals they are trying to achieve. As a result, the majority of the population becomes enlightened to make appropriate choices.

New UN Report On AIDS

A new UN report, entitled AIDS in Africa, was compiled over two years using more than 150 experts. It warns that 10% of Africans (an additional 90 million people) could be infected with HIV within the next 2 decades.

Why Boycott Coca-Cola?

Coca Cola was invented in the United States in 1886 as a medicine, rather than a drink, to stimulate the brain and the nervous system, from a mixture of coca leaves and kola nuts, sweetened with sugar, hence the name Coca Cola. It was not until 1893 that Coca Cola was sold and promoted as a drink. Gradually the cocaine was eliminated, but in order to maintain the stimulant effect caffeine was substituted.

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