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Economics in Crisis: What Do We Tell the Students?

The profession of economics requires a revolution in thinking if it is to play a constructive role in solving the multiple and multi-dimensional crises that so engulf our world, our species, and the fabric of human community. We are running out of time, write Kamran Mofid and Steve Szeghi.

Globalization Marches On

Current speculation about a global shift in power away from the US is misleading. As economic globalisation continues, multinational corporations and financial institutions remain the “principal architects” of government policy around the world, says Noam Chomsky.

How Bad Biology Killed the Economy

Evolutionary theory has been used by free market fundamentalists to glorify competitiveness as central to human survival. But biologists also point out that we are group animals: intensely social, interested in fairness and highly cooperative, argues Frans de Waal.

The 'Tobin Tax' Battle Has Only Just Begun

Three decades after its inception, the ‘Tobin tax’ has finally entered the mainstream political debate. Campaigners must now ensure its primary purpose remains to redistribute finance away from the failed banking system and toward benefiting the world’s poor, writes Anna White.

Rock Steady: Moving Toward a Steady-State Economy

Those advocating for a ‘steady state’ economic model are vastly outnumbered in mainstream policy circles. Yet there are signs that scepticism about the single-minded pursuit of economic growth may finally be catching on, reveals Susan Arterian Chang.

Crisis and Hope: Theirs and Ours

Of all the crises that afflict today's world, the growing democratic deficit may be the most severe. Only through dismantling the market fundamentalism that drives public decision-making can true democracy be restored, writes Noam Chomsky.

Growing a Better World

Rather than economic growth, waste is the most serious threat to the environment. In switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy, the global economy could grow larger and sustainably feed an increasing population - without destroying the earth's ecosystems, argues Garry Lipow.

Capitalism Beyond the Crisis

The present economic crises do not call for a "new capitalism," but they do demand a new understanding of older ideas, such as those of Adam Smith and Arthur Pigou - many of which have been sadly neglected, argues Amartya Sen.

Globalisation in a Turnstile: the Debate Ahead

As critics proclaim the death of neoliberalism amidst an international financial crisis, globalisation theory is set to go into a tailspin. A short introduction to the academic globalisation debate, by Adam W. Parsons.

Why Politicians Dare Not Limit Economic Growth

The logic of free-market capitalism states that the economy must grow continuously or face an unpalatable collapse. With the environmental situation reaching crisis point, however, it is time to stop pretending that mindlessly chasing economic growth is compatible with sustainability, argues Tim Jackson.

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