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Since the imposition of free market policies in the 1980s, globalization has come to represent an ideological battle between those who favor economic growth and deregulation through the growing power of multinational corporations, versus those who prefer a more sustainable and democratic approach to international development, socio-economic justice, and the securing of basic human rights and needs.

Latest Articles

Subsidising cows while milking the poor

The west should pay more attention to world poverty than protecting its farmers.

A Restraint of Liberty

We can deal with climate change only with the help of governments. So far, however, when confronted with a choice between the two sacred commodities - market freedom and human life - the one they have chosen to preserve is market freedom, writes George Monbiot.

Better Working Conditions Lead to Better Economy

Which states are better for business? Colorado and Montana which received top ratings from the CATO Institute? Idaho and North Carolina which have the best metro areas? Or is it South Dakota or Florida where the Tax Foundation found the most tax friendly climates? asks Don Monkerud.

Economics Versus Politics

The self interest which individuals show in buying and selling goods allows markets to obtain reasonably high levels of welfare for participants. When those who set the rules of the market show the same self interest, free markets last as long as it takes to say subsidy, argues James Waters.

Congress Protects Industry from Citizens

After a mere five years of controlling both Congress and the Presidency, the GOP is riding high, directing the reversal of government policies once supported by a hefty majority of Americans, writes Don Monkerud.

'Reform', Grabbing and the Twin Power

During the last three decades Bangladesh has experienced several economic reforms which have privatized much of the country. However, despite these changes, it remains one of the poorest countries in the developing world, argues Professor Anu Muhammad

From 'Mills to Malls'

There are two major interpretations of the term Globalization. The first, takes globalization as a rational outcome of global economic 'progress'.  The second gives more emphasis to the power and ownership aspects of the globalization process, says Professor Anu Muhammad.

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