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Global Financial Crisis

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Wanted: The Keynes For Our Times

The financial crisis presents both a golden opportunity and a threat to the left, although the window of opportunity will be brief, much time has already been lost, and there is sadly no sign of a British Keynes for the 21st century, writes Larry Elliott.

The Triumph of Greed

The financial crisis is a challenge, not just for economic management, but also in terms of how we think about the global economy and how we can devise the kind of financial system – based on moral and social principles - that we would like to see in today’s world, writes Clive Dilnot.

The Swinging of the Pendulum: The Global Crisis and Beyond

The real challenge posed by the current economic crisis is to chart a new course towards higher systemic levels of global cooperation to create lasting social and economic stability, fairness, justice and environmental sustainability, argues Barry K. Gills.

Nobel Economists Offer First Aid for the Global Economy

Five winners of the Nobel Prize for economics, including Joseph Stiglitz and Edmund S. Phelps, share their views on why a radical change in the global financial system is needed in order to overcome the current crisis. By Spiegel.

The New Trough

The Wall Street bailout looks a lot like Iraq, a "free-fraud zone"  with no bid contracts, paltry oversight and a conveyor belt of taxpayers money to private business. This 'economic Green Zone' allows Wall Street to profit from a market meltdown that they created, argues Naomi Klein.

Joseph Stiglitz: Crisis Points to Need for New Global Currency

The end of neoliberal economic philosophy following the global financial crisis spells the need for a new international financial framework based on a new global reserve currency. Joseph Stiglitz interviewed in New York by Kiyoshi Okonogi.

Paradigm Reclaimed: A Finance System that's Fit for Purpose

The crisis-ridden financial system has long failed to do the basic job required – to underpin our fundamental operating systems. It is time to use finance to support the natural economy of family, community, society and the earth's biosphere, argues Stephen Spratt.

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