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Global Financial Crisis

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7 Countries Considering Abandoning the US Dollar (and what it means)
It’s no secret that the dollar is on a downward spiral. Its value is dropping, and the Fed isn’t doing a whole lot to change that. As a result, a number of countries are considering a shift away from the dollar to preserve their assets. These are seven of the countries currently considering a move from the dollar, and how they’ll have an effect on its value and the US economy.
'Sterling Stamp Duty' Could Help World's Poor

A cross party group of MPs has urged the government to introduce a small tax on foreign exchange dealings as a way of raising money to combat poverty worldwide.

Migrants sent home over $300 billion in 2006, finds UN study on remittances

A new United Nations study reveals that migrants working in industrialized countries sent home more than $300 billion to their families in 2006 – surpassing the $104 billion provided by donor nations in foreign aid to developing countries.

In this Age of Diamond Saucepans, Only a Recession Makes Sense

Economic growth is a political sedative, snuffing out protest as it drives inequality. It is time we gave it up.

The Great American Economic Horror Story

Earlier in the year, economic life seemed so straightforward. Growth around the world was buoyant. Inflationary pressures were building. Excess liquidity – however defined – was a major worry. The vast majority of central banks were planning on raising interest rates.

A Fed Panic and a Massive Bailout of American Banks Paid for by the Entire World

The mismanagement of money and credit has led to financial explosions over the centuries. The causes, cures and consequences of such financial catastrophes are most often repetitive. Indeed, such financial collapses are usually the result of the unbridled greed and cupidity of financial operators and of the lack of necessary supervision by public institutions designed to protect the public and the common good.

C.H. Douglas: Pioneer of Monetary Reform

C.H. Douglas (1879-1952), a Scottish-born engineer, who worked for a number of American and British companies in the early years of the twentieth century, was the founder of the modern monetary reform movement. My own interest in monetary reform dates from discovering Douglas’s ideas through a reprint of A.R. Orage’s articles about them in Orage’s publication The New Age dating from the 1920s.

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