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Global Financial Crisis

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Tackling Financial Exclusion

In the context of a global economic crisis, the issue of financial exclusion is urgent. There can be no excuse for governments who fail to honour their commitment to the most vulnerable members of society while shovelling ever increasing heaps of cash into the insatiable maw of the financial sector, writes Justin Frewan

The Future of Money

The recent global economic crisis has revealed the contradictions of privatised finance. If taxpayers have to prop up the system when it fails, why should they not also have control over the supply and allocation of money in the first place? By Mary Mellor.

The Non-Existent Hand

The present crisis should lay to rest any belief in the ‘invisible hand’ of the market. Keynes’s insights into the role of regulation and reform are needed once again if capitalism is to take on a more human face, writes Joseph Stiglitz.

How the Brandt Report Foresaw Today’s Global Economic Crisis

In 1980, the Brandt Commission anticipated that unless governments corrected global monetary imbalances through coordinated action, there would be a series of sovereign debt crises. In the Commission’s recommendations, we have a compendium of received wisdom long ignored yet still vital, writes James B. Quilligan.

G20 Leaders to Global South: "Stimulate This!"

Was the UN summit on the world economic crisis a wasted opportunity or a historic step toward global economic governance? What’s clear is that the G20 seems to be engineering another ‘lost decade of development’ for poor nations, argues James B. Quilligan.

The True Origins of the Financial Crisis

The root cause of the financial crisis is not to be found in hedge funds and greedy bankers, but rather in a more fundamental social problem - huge inequalites in income distribution, argues Branko Milanovic.

Winds of Change

What is striking about the 'contemporary West' is that its appetite for unbounded consumption fully took off at almost the exact moment that its capacity to pay for it began to diminish - underpinning a global financial crisis and the current transfer of power from West to East, argues Guy Rundle.  

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