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Global Financial Crisis

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Soaring capital flows, a debt-based consumer culture and unbalanced trade between countries all contributed to the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. The question now is whether governments follow a 'business as usual' model based on self-interest and inequality, or one that promotes equitable development based on moral and social principles.

Latest Articles

Wall Street Meltdown Primer

The Wall Street meltdown is not only due to greed and to the lack of government regulation of a hyperactive sector. This collapse stems ultimately from the crisis of overproduction that has plagued global capitalism since the mid-1970s - and the worst is not yet over, says Walden Bello.

Main Street Before Wall Street

Rather than seeking to restore the health of Wall Street’s private institutions, a proper plan would seek to rid Wall Street of its purely predatory elements - while dismantling and reassembling its useable institutions to create a new system accountable to the needs of Main Street, says David Korten.

Citizens Mobilization Needed to Prevent Worse Financial Crisis Impacts and Change Financial Model

The bailout burden for the financial crisis will not be equally shared unless there is strong and dedicated mobilisation and campaigning across the world - which makes a common cause across issues such as house repossessions, food price rises, and the unaccountability of the financial system. By Alex Wilks.

Uncertain over Containing 'Crazy' Markets

The turmoil in the financial markets and the resulting slump in the global economy has highlighted the stark inequality in the European Union, reports David Cronin.

US ‘Will Lose Financial Superpower Status’

The US is poised to lose its role as a global financial “superpower” in the wake of the financial crisis, Peer Steinbrück, German finance minister, said on Thursday as he called for a regulatory crackdown on financial markets. By Bertrand Benoit.

Too Big to Fail Versus Moral Hazard

The most fundamental flaw in the US financial market system is its inherent drive towards excess, and the end result is always systemic implosion.The costs are now coming headlong like a runaway freight train, writes Henry C K Liu.

Meltdown and Bailout: Why Our Economic System Is on the Verge of Collapse

The financial meltdown in the United States is huge, but it isn't unique. In a nutshell, our modern economic system has become divorced from what an "economy" is supposed to do in human terms, writes Joshua Holland.

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