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Global Financial Crisis

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Soaring capital flows, a debt-based consumer culture and unbalanced trade between countries all contributed to the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. The question now is whether governments follow a 'business as usual' model based on self-interest and inequality, or one that promotes equitable development based on moral and social principles.

Latest Articles

Chinese relent and revalue the yuan

Beijing bows to pressure from Washington and drops peg to the dollar but Asian exporters may reap greater benefit than the US

Having more credit than money

Having more credit than money, Thus one goes through the world.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Claudine von Villa Bella (1776)

The paradoxes of foreign investment

"The paradox of lower than expected beneficial investment in some developing countries is difficult to resolve, and is linked with several of the most tenacious problems in current economic theory."

Get ready for a financial Tsunami

Get ready for a financial Tsunami more destructive than last year's boxing day holocaust

They need money with no strings attached
"Opportunities to change the global trading system in 2005 must also be realised. If we are to make poverty history, we now need a 'sea change' - not of the awful form seen on 26 December, but in how the rich world treats the poor world."
Costing the Casino Report: The economic and social impact of currency crises on developing countries

A survey of the economic and social impact of currency crises on developing countries, with an in-depth look at how the world’s biggest banks use the world financial system to speculate on currency movements that sparked economic meltdown in Russia, South East Asia and South America.

The Transfer of Wealth: Debt and the making of a Global South

A thought provoking collection of articles that lay bare the dynamics, the interlinkages and impact of debt, financial institutions and the making of a Global South.

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