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Global Financial Crisis

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Soaring capital flows, a debt-based consumer culture and unbalanced trade between countries all contributed to the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. The question now is whether governments follow a 'business as usual' model based on self-interest and inequality, or one that promotes equitable development based on moral and social principles.

Latest Articles

Chasing Volatility

Financial firms have become the dominant players in commodity markets, and their speculative activity has led to the price increases in oil and foodgrains, argues Jayati Ghosh.

How To Burn The Speculators

Why is the price of oil so high? Because the Bush administration did to the commodities market what it did to housing, argues James K. Galbraith.

The Global Financial Mess: Blaming the Victims

On 9 August 2008, the anniversary of "debtonation day" it is incumbent on citizens to hold haute finance's feet to the fire, and to demand strict regulation, transparency and oversight of the sector's activities. But on this anniversary it is also important to begin to promote solutions, writes Ann Pettifor.

Inflation and the Spectre of World Revolution

Public intellectuals and the Anglo-American left have overlooked the one grievance which cuts across all regimes of the world - namely inflation, especially in vital necessities such as food and fuel costs, writes James Petras.

Russia and the Crisis of the Global Economy

The world economic crisis is at an early stage, manifesting itself primarily in the area of finance, but it will spread from the US to the "new industrial countries" and the global contraction in production will lead to stagflation.

Changing Games in the Global Casino

The flaws of laissez-faire economics are again evident in the latest set of financial debacles - requiring fundamental reforms in global finance, writes Hazel Henderson.

The G8 in a Global Mess: 1920s and 1980s Lessons

The precedent of the United States's great depression and Japan's post-bubble collapse should haunt today's G8 summiteers, says Ann Pettifor.

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