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Food Security & Agriculture

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Featured Reports
6. End Support for Agribusiness

This section of the report 'Financing the Global Sharing Economy' demonstrates how shifting subsidy support away from agribusiness in OECD countries could form a major step towards meeting international development goals, and could contribute significantly to a fairer and more environmentally sustainable model of agriculture.

The Global Citizens' Report for Seed Freedom

A global citizens' report on 'Seed Freedom' depicts the concentration and restrictions in the global seed sector as a result of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) regimes and corporate convergence. Released by Navdanya.

Grain Reserves and the Food Price Crisis

One important piece of the answer to the food price crisis is the simple yet powerful idea of saving food in times of plenty for use in times of scarcity. The Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy have released a compendium of current writing on food reserves, with a contribution from Share The World's Resources.

Nyéléni Europe 2011: Forum for Food Sovereignty

On March 7th, European Coordination Via Campesina and Nyéléni Europe organised a public conference on food sovereignty called “More Farmers, Better Food”, held to communicate to a large public and to European institutions the results of the Nyéléni Europe Forum, held in Austria in August 2011.

Resolving the Food Crisis

While the 2007-08 food price crisis has been a catalyst for important policy reforms, governments have yet to address its underlying causes and enact deeper structural reforms, leaving the world at risk of another devastating spike in global food prices. A report by Sophia Murphy and Timothy A. Wise.

Power in Agriculture

The consolidation of transnational corporations has seen some shifting of the focus of power in global agricultural markets, away from governments and supranational bodies towards agribusinesses. But the exercise of this power isn’t limitless and can be constrained by policy, finds a report by the Oxford Farming Conference.

Globalising Hunger

While the EU's Common Agricultural Policy persists with its central focus of fostering competitiveness and exports of European agribusiness, it will continue to undermine small-scale farming and create greater food insecurity in the global South, says a report by Transnational Institute et al.

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