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Food Security & Agriculture

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The escalating crisis of volatile food prices and food insecurity is the result of an industrial development model based on large-scale, export-orientated agriculture tied to international competition, self interest and stock market speculation. With over a billion people going hungry each day despite a huge surplus of food production, a reorientation towards more localised, smaller scale and sustainable agriculture is urgently required.

Latest Articles

Land Grabbing in Kenya and Mozambique

Over the past years vast tracks of agricultural lands in Kenya and Mozambique have been taken over by foreign firms. This so-called ‘land grabbing’ is a violation of the UN Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, says a report by FIAN International.

Fertile Ground

Investment in agriculture can make twice the impact on poverty as spending in other sectors. More support for smallholder agriculture and particularly women farmers is desperately needed if hunger is to be halved by 2015, says a report by ActionAid.

Telling Porkies: The Big Fat Lie About Doubling Food Production

The oft-quoted statistic that food production must double by 2050 to feed a growing population is a misrepresentation of the original data. Instead of encouraging more intensive farming methods, agricultural policy should promote sustainability, says a report by the Soil Association.

What We Don't Know About Biotech Crops

New research reveals a worrying lack of evidence-based knowledge with which to inform the use and regulation of genetically modified seeds. Should the US government be promoting the global acceptance of biotech crops while the risks are still unknown?

Africa Land Grabs Continue as Elites Resist Regulation

A year after the purchases of vast swathes of farm land in Africa first drew public attention, transactions remain as opaque as ever. Private companies are resisting a global code of conduct that would ensure transparency, and local elites continue to benefit from deals that encourage corruption and increase food insecurity, reports Hilaire Avril.

EU Raises the Bar on Food Assistance

The European Commission has announced a new policy framework to help developing countries address food security in both emergency and long-term situations. Will an integrated approach break the link between donors supporting their own farmers and foreign food aid?

Colonialism Lives in Biotech Seed Proposal for Africa

If the history of colonialism has taught us anything, it is that agricultural aid must strengthen resilience, encourage diversity and be locally appropriate. Bill Gates’ biotech seed proposal for Africa fails on all three counts, argue Dennis Keeney and Sophia Murphy.

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