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Food Security & Agriculture

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The escalating crisis of volatile food prices and food insecurity is the result of an industrial development model based on large-scale, export-orientated agriculture tied to international competition, self interest and stock market speculation. With over a billion people going hungry each day despite a huge surplus of food production, a reorientation towards more localised, smaller scale and sustainable agriculture is urgently required.

Latest Articles

Change is Possible in this Complex Food System

Food sovereignty is not possible in an industrial agricultural system dominated by for-profit corporations. By challenging the way international trade operates and supporting grassroots change we can help rebuild democratic control over food resources, says Raj Patel in an interview with Ronit Ridberg, Worldwatch Institute.

The Great Hunger Lottery

In recent years, the growing role of hedge funds and banks in the commodities markets has caused food prices to fluctuate dramatically. It is time for governments and regulators to crack down on such dangerous speculation, says a report by the World Development Movement.

The High Food Price Challenge

A report reveals that a major food security and agricultural support programme launched by the G8 nations in July 2009 - the L’Aquila Food Security Initiative - has failed to address the global hunger crisis, which currently affects more than a billion people. By the UK Hunger Alliance and the Oakland Institute

Africa’s Smallholder Farmers: Approaches that Work for Viable Livelihoods

On the back of recent international initiatives to improve global food security, a civil society report focuses attention on ways to increase food security in Africa by improving the livelihoods of Africa’s largely neglected smallholder farmers. By the African Smallholder Farmers’ Group (ASFG).

Haitian Peasants March against Monsanto

Ten thousand Haitians recently marched in protest against biotech giant Monsanto’s donation of patented hybrid seeds. Seen as a stealth move to introduce input-intensive agricultural practices, local farmers are fighting to defend their food sovereignty, say La Via Campesina.

Responsibly Destroying the World’s Peasantry

The suggestion that 'responsible' large-scale land investments can produce ‘win-win’ outcomes is based on the misguided belief that combating hunger requires boosting food production. To develop truly sustainable agriculture, small-scale farmers must be protected, writes Olivier De Schutter.

The Global Struggle Over Who Will End Hunger

International committees on food security in Rome, New York and Washington D.C. continue to disagree on how to rebuild agricultural systems in the Global South. The challenge is to allow farmers organisations and civil society to play a lead role in the war against hunger, argues Eric Holt-Gimenez.

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