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Economic Sharing & Alternatives

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Web Version of STWR's Latest Report Just Published
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We have just published a web version of the introduction to our latest report, Financing the Global Sharing Economy. The introduction outlines how governments could mobilise over $2.8 trillion every year to bolster the global sharing economy and prevent life-threatening deprivation as a foremost priority.

6th December 2012 - Published by Share The World's Resources

Link to Part 1: The Sharing Economy

Part 1 of the report examines the 'sharing economy' in terms of social welfare and argues that in order to prevent needless poverty-related deaths, we must strengthen and scale up systems of sharing, especially at the international level.

The abstract to the introduction states: "Systems of sharing are increasingly being eroded by policies that widen inequalities and leave families in a state of poverty or destitution. As a result, humanity is now facing a global emergency in which millions of people die needlessly every year and many more suffer from life-threatening deprivation or avoidable hardship. Dealing with the structural causes of this emergency will require wholesale reform of the world economy, but in the meantime we already have the institutions and mechanisms in place to safeguard human lives across the world. This report shows how governments could mobilise over $2.8 trillion each year in order to reverse policies of economic austerity, prevent poverty-related deaths and mitigate the human impacts of climate change as a foremost global priority. But it will only happen with a huge groundswell of public pressure that forces the international community to scale up and strengthen systems of sharing within and between nations."

Full Report: Financing the global sharing economy [PDF]

See the landing page for the full report

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Executive summary [PDF]

Press release

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