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Gradido: Natural economy of Life
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A recently published book provides a new monetary and economic model according to the role model of nature. Nature is the inspiration for a common-good-currency called “Gradido” that is not to be created by debt, but by contributing to the common good. By Bernd Hückstädt.

Link to full e-book: Gradido - Natural Economy of Life [pdf] 

20th September 2012 - Published by Gradido

The recently published book "Gradido - Natural Economy of Life" by Bernd Hückstädt provides a new monetary and economic model along the role model of nature. The book presents a radically alternative way to achieve global peace and prosperity in harmony with nature.

Bernd Hückstädt studied music, telecommunications and mathematics. Given this background, since many years, he researches how the problem of poverty and overproduction at the same time can be solved using natural analogies. 15 years ago, he founded the Gradido Academy for Economic Bionics, a methodology for the decryption of inventions of the living world and its innovative implementation in economy.

The result of 15 years of “economic-bionics research” is an elaborated financial and economic model that is presented in his recently published book. Hückstädt is convinced that the natural economy of life can solve the economic problems of today and can create global prosperity. Thus, nature is the inspiration for the common-good-currency “Gradido” that is not to be created by debt, but by contributing to the common good. The model has an active basic income for every man, an ample budget for each country, and an additional compensation and environmental fund for the rehabilitation of contaminated sites. It shall be a new system, which brings a final debt relief and sustainable benefits for everyone.

Is it only utopia or a realistic model for the future? According to Hückstädt, we will experience world peace and prosperity if we only act in accordance with the laws of nature. This is the key message of his positive instruction for the future.

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