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Global Transition 2012
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The Global Transition 2012 is an international network of organisations from the Global North and South that aims to catalyse a ‘Global Transition’ to the desirable and beneficial economy that we aspire to. As part of the first phase of their work, leading thinkers authored 11 Challenge Papers on key topic areas.

30th August 2012

The Challenge Papers

The Challenge Paper themes have been selected to develop a clear perspective on the emerging priority areas for Rio+20 and include overarching theme papers addressing The Green Economy, as well as specific theme papers focussing on The Blue Economy, Energy, Food Security, Global trade, Global finance, Employment and skills, and Natural Capital.

The Green Economy

Charting The Path To The Global Transition To A Green Economy, by Tim Jenkins, Director of the Great Transition nef (the new economics foundation) and Andrew Simms, nef Fellow. 

Beyond GDP

Measuring Our Progress, by Charles Seaford, Head, Centre for Wellbeing, nef (the new economics foundation); Sorcha Mahoney, Researcher, Centre for Wellbeing, nef; Mathis Wackernagel and Joy Larson, Global Footprint Network;  and Réne Ramírez Gallegos, National Secretary for Planning and Development, Ecuador. 

Global Inequality

Why We Need A Plenty Line, by David Woodward, nef (the new economics foundation) Fellow; Saamah Abdallah, Senior Researcher, Centre for Wellbeing, nef.

Living within limits

One Planet Living: How To Transition To A Green And Fair Economy And Stay Within Planetary Boundaries, by Sue Riddlestone, Co-Founder, Bioregional.

The Blue Economy

Fishing Public Resources For Public Benefit, by Rupert Crilly, Researcher, Natural Economies, nef (the new economics foundation).

Energy Resources and Services

Achieving Universal Access To Energy And A Low Carbon, High Well-Being Economy, by Viki Johnson, Head of Climate Change and Energy, nef (the new economics foundation); Niclas Hälström, Founder, What Next Forum

Food Security

The Earth Summit 2012 Should Give Strong Support To Small Scale Sustainable Agriculture, by Aksel Nærstad, Senior policy advisor at the Development Fund, Norway.

Managing Natural Capital

Managing Natural Capital: One Part Of A Big Picture, by Oliver Greenfield, Coordinator, Green Economy Coalition.

Global Finance and Banking

Shaping A Public Fiduciary For Financial Markets, by Simon Zadek, Senior Visiting Fellow, Centre for International Governance Innovation and Senior Fellow, Global Green Growth Institute.

Green Jobs and skills

Decent and Green Jobs with a Just Transition: A Step Towards Sustainable Development, by Anabella Rosemberg, International Trade Union Association.


Outsourced Emissions And Global Trade In The Green Economy, by Guy Shrubsole, Director, Public Interest Research Centre.


Global Transition 2012 is a collaborative initiative between Stakeholder Forum and nef (new economics foundation) that focusses on the Green and fair Economy theme towards the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012 (UNCSD), also known as ‘Rio+20’ and ‘Earth Summit 2012’.


To achieve an outcome from the UNCSD 2012 that catalyses a ‘Global Transition’ to an economy that maximizes wellbeing, operates within environmental limits and is capable of coping and adapting to global environmental change.


To build a global civil society and stakeholder movement to promote alternative models of economy that can deliver sustainable development to people, countries and generations

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