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STWR has launched a new website:

This older website is no longer being updated and is due to be closed down within the next few weeks.

All of STWR’s own content has been transferred to the new website, but most of the third-party content currently on the old site will soon be unavailable.

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Economic Sharing & Alternatives

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Measuring our Progress: The Power of Well-being

There is growing interest amongst governments in measuring and using human well-being to guide policy. New indicators of progress are required to cement this recognition that economic growth is only ever a means to an end, says a report by the New Economics Foundation.

The Global Marshall Plan - A Proposal to End Poverty

Under a Global Marshall Plan, rich countries could use their resources to eliminate global poverty, disease, illiteracy, and environmental destruction. Citizens around the world should press their governments to support this revolutionary scheme, says a proposal by the Network of Spiritual Progressives.

Enough is Enough

In June 2010, over 250 activists, experts and interested members of the public gathered to explore a positive alternative to the pursuit of endless economic growth – a steady state economy. The world-changing ideas generated by attendees are synthesised in the Report of the Steady State Economy Conference.

Sharing the World’s Resources – An Introduction

A sustainable global economy fit for the 21st Century must be based on a new ethical framework that reflects and supports humanity’s interdependence. The process of economic sharing can ensure that the world’s essential resources, goods and services are made accessible to all, according to a new brief by Share The World’s Resources.

The New Sharing Economy

Technological innovation, environmental concerns and economic stress are inspiring people to share and cooperate in unprecedented ways. Can this new sharing economy help build a more sustainable and trusting society? A study by Shareable Magazine and Latitude Research.

Common Cause: The Case for Working with our Cultural Values

To galvanise a sufficient response to the challenges facing the world today, campaigners must not champion policies on the grounds of expediency. Rather, they should seek to promote cultural values that prioritise the common interest, says Tom Crompton in a report for WWF-UK et al.

A New Enlightenment?

For a brief period during the Enlightenment, there was a widespread commitment to the creation of a moral world. The informed adaptation of this hope to current realities still constitutes humanity's best chance for serious social reform, say thinkers at the RSA.

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