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Another Future is Possible
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A compilation of all the proposals taken from the texts produced by the Thematic Groups at the Thematic Social Forum of Porto Alegre (January 24-29, 2012), in preparation for the People's Summit at Rio+20 for Social and Environmental Justice, Against Commodification of Life and in Defense of the Commons.

Link to full report: Another Future is Possible: Texts Drafted on the basis of the findings of the Thematic Groups of the Thematic Social Forum

29th June 2012

Another Future is Possible

10th June 2012 - Published by Rio+20 Portal,

From the Preface:

"We consider this document—written by many hands but for which the final responsibility belongs exclusively to the team of facilitators of the Forum’s thematic groups—as a contribution to the debate at the Peoples’ Summit and for all interested persons. It is a photograph of the present moment, the very beginning of a long process of thinking, formulating and organizing for all those fighting to build a new paradigm of social, economic, and political organization based on real experiences and on our dreams of another possible world. The document thus fully develops an ongoing dialectic between initiatives and immediate proposals to be debated within the established frameworks and to define transition horizons that will overcome the current dominant logic and point to another civilization."

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