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Economic Sharing & Alternatives

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At the heart of the world’s problems lies an unsustainable economic system based on self-interest and competition that has failed to secure universal human rights for the majority world, and continues to inflict irrevocable harm on the environment. The international community must now unite around universal solutions based on the principles of cooperation, sustainability and economic sharing.

Latest Articles

The Happy Planet Index 2.0

Globally, we are unsuccessful in living long and happy lives whilst respecting the limits of the earth's finite resources. Societies in the Global North can learn from Latin Americans, who place greater importance on leading meaningful lives and less emphasis on monetary incomes, says a report by the NEF.

The Juggling Contest - Balancing the Global Economy

Long before the recent UN proposal for a Global Economic Council, the Brandt Commission also called for a high-level body to monitor and coordinate the international economy and development. It is still a brilliant idea, says James B. Quilligan. Interview by Christiana Wyly.

Tyranny for the Commons Man

The inequitable way in which six billion people are using the world's limited resources is a tragedy of the global commons. Radical behavioural changes and unprecedented international cooperation is needed if we are to preserve the natural environment, says Barry Schwartz.

The Commons of the Future

Commons-based societies flourished for centuries until they were destroyed by the privatisation of formerly shared resources. Modern technology is creating new commons based societies like the free software community - indicating a renaissance of 'commonism', writes Christian Siefkes.

Why This Crisis May Be Our Best Chance to Build a New Economy

To get ourselves out of the financial crisis and create the world we want, we must reboot the economy with a new values-based operating system designed to support social and environmental balance - one that is locally rooted in strong communities and distributes wealth equitably, says David Korten.

Bigger Isn't Better

The global financial crisis has cleared intellectual space for new ideas on economy, ecology and well-being. We need to urgently reject our policymakers addiction to growth and promote these alternative, localised economic systems, argues Peter A. Victor.

A Case For Economic Democracy

Rather than continuing to pay off the very people who created this financial crisis, it's time to bite the bullet and start building an economic democracy featuring public banks and mutual funded holding companies, says Gary Dorrien.

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