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Climate Change & Environment

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The threat of climate change and global warming, fueled by relentless commercialization and excessive consumption, has turned into a fighting ground for both policymakers and concerned citizens. The coming decade is set to determine not only a collective response to reducing carbon emissions, but the entire future direction for international development and the global justice movement.

Latest Articles

Rio+20 Summit: The Key Issues

A big breakthrough to tackle the world’s environmental and economic crises is now beyond the reach of the Rio+20 Summit. But it can still be a success if it reaffirms old commitments and launches new processes to strengthen institutions and to initiate new goals and action plans, says Martin Khor

Rio+20 and Beyond: Position Paper of La Via Campesina

In the run-up to the Earth Summit in June, a united voice of small farmers, landless peasants, indigenous peoples and migrants decidedly oppose the commercialization of the earth, our territories, water, seeds, food, nature, and human life. Peasant agriculture now!, say Via Campesina.

Understanding Rio+20

A Nobel laureate, a Swedish environmentalist’s idea, the “doughnut” concept, Scandinavia’s sense of social capital, measuring the quality of life, and valuing the oceans are just some of the things trending in the run-up to the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development due to be held on 20-22 June 2012. By IRIN.

A 'Green Economy' Doesn't Mean Monetising Nature

The co-option of the term green economy to mean commodifying and marketising nature is in danger of dominating the Rio+20 summit at the expense of some of the really positive policies being proposed. This is why the real discussions will be taking place at the People's summit, explains Hannah Griffiths.

"Equity is the Gateway to Environment Ambition"

The fixing of a temperature target and of a global emissions reduction goal must be done within a framework for the equitable sharing of the atmospheric space and the development space. The sharing of climate change mitigation efforts is a critical piece of the puzzle, says Martin Khor.

Statement of the Organization Committee of the People's Summit

"We struggle for a radical change of the current model of production and consumption, strengthening our right to expand with alternative models based on the various realities experienced by the peoples, truly democratic, respecting collective and human rights and in harmony with nature and social and environmental justice."

Are Sustainable Development Goals the Way to a Better World?

As the international community looks for a successor to the Millennium Development Goals, which will expire in 2015, is the idea of Sustainable Development Goals - merging the divergent tracks of development and the environment - our best hope of ending poverty and saving the Earth?

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