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Climate Change & Environment

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Stanford Experts on Climate Change and Carbon Trading
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1hr 41min. Join two distinguished Stanford Professors, Dr. Stephen Schneider and Professor Thomas Heller, for a discussion on climate change and the emerging carbon trading markets.

Thomas C. Heller and Stephen H. Schneider, 27th Jan 06 - Google TechTalks  

Dr. Schneider is one of the world's leading scientific experts of climate change (his name is cited on all those climate change charts and graphs we've seen so far). Dr. Heller has extensive experience with policy and negotiations surrounding climate change and sustainable development. Professor Heller also recently served as Sergey's host at the recent UN ClimateChange Conference meeting in Montreal where Prof. Heller proved his indepth knowledge of thenuances of legislative works, such as the Kyoto Protocol, and the mechanisms that are currently being employed.

This tech talk will be different than our previous climate change talks. These men have helped steered the international course of policy, scientific verifications and the overall consensus on the existence of climate change. They both have plenty to say about what the failures and successes have been along the way, and what their predictions for the future of climate change policy will be.