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Climate Change & Environment

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Proposing a Vision of a New Earth

Our failure to share resources has resulted in severe social consequences which cannot be divorced from any discussion about the environment. The most pragmatic way to address both these crises is to share the world's resources more equitably and sustainably, argues Rajesh Makwana

Final Declaration of the People’s Summit in Rio+20

This is the Final Declaration of the Peoples’ Summit for Social and Environmental Justice (in defense of the commons, against the commodification of life), held in Rio de Janeiro, 15 to 22 June 2012, as translated by Google from the original Portugese language Declaration. 

On the Social Dimension of the Climate Justice Agenda

Climate justice and social justice go hand in hand and should be tackled simultaneously in the framework of a new globalization. The challenge is not only to re-design existing social protection systems, but also to re-conceptualize social protection and to do this with climate justice in mind, argues Francine Mestrum.

Rio+20: A Defining Choice

How can we create an economy that serves the health and well-being of both people and the planet? The real conflict is not between humans and nature. It is between current and future human generations. Follow the Earth’s lead, says David Korten.

The Doughnut can help Rio+20 see Sustainable Development in the Round

Resource use has both an environmental ceiling and a social foundation, below which lies deprivation, but the doughnut-shaped space between the two demands our attention, argues

Occupy the Earth Summit

The Occupy/15M movement in Rio de Janeiro, along with allies from across Brazil and the world, are planning to Occupy the coming Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (the Earth Summit) on June 20-22.

Rio+20 Summit: The Key Issues

A big breakthrough to tackle the world’s environmental and economic crises is now beyond the reach of the Rio+20 Summit. But it can still be a success if it reaffirms old commitments and launches new processes to strengthen institutions and to initiate new goals and action plans, says Martin Khor

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