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Climate Change & Environment

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Featured Articles
The Climate Deal Sham: Only Sharing can Break the Deadlock

The recent climate talks in Doha were held as if in an alternative reality to distressing developments across the world. But there still remains hope and optimism because there is no possibility of preventing runaway climate change without global sharing and justice.

The Failure of Rio+20 is a Wake-Up Call for People Power

Following the ‘hoax summit' and failure of political leadership at Rio+20, it is clear that the responsibility for change rests with ordinary, engaged citizens to forge a united and informed world public opinion that is stronger than any government or vested interest, writes Adam Parsons.

The Follies of Growth and Climate Denial

The rising tide of economic growth has failed to lift all boats and is now promising to be environmentally disastrous. In the face of anthropogenic climate change, global poverty and growing inequality, we must urgently reassess our obsession with GDP, argues Rajesh Makwana.

This House Puts Combating Climate Change Before Economic Growth

The endless pursuit of economic growth is unsustainable, unjust and the root cause of climate change. We need a new economic paradigm built on the foundations of sustainability, justice, cooperation and sharing, argues Rajesh Makwana.

Cochabamba and the Road to Cancun

After the failure of the Copenhagen talks, the world's social movements united in Cochabamba to establish a radical agreement that calls on governments to combine meaningful emission cuts with a wholesale transformation of the global economy, writes Anna White.

A Multi-Scale Approach to Coping with Climate Change

Given the complexity of global warming, waiting for an effective international "solution" to the problem is not feasible. It would be better to adopt a multi-scale approach to addressing climate change, starting at the local level, argues Elinor Ostrom.

IPCC Errors: Facts and Spin

Grossly overblown media reports of minor errors in the work of the IPCC are damaging public trust in climate science. It is now up to journalists to admit their mistakes and misrepresentation, not the scientists, finds an investigation by RealClimate.

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