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Climate Change & Environment

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The threat of climate change and global warming, fueled by relentless commercialization and excessive consumption, has turned into a fighting ground for both policymakers and concerned citizens. The coming decade is set to determine not only a collective response to reducing carbon emissions, but the entire future direction for international development and the global justice movement.

Latest Articles

Consuming The World's Fossil Fuels

The greatest threat to the environment is climate change. We need to recognise that the burning of fossil fuels damage the environment and that petroleum is too valuable as a starting material to be merely consumed as a fuel.  We musto promote the formation of an International Renewable Energy Agency, argues Mohammed Mesbahi.

No Procrastinating on Climate

Global warming is one of the great challenges of our time. Greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels threaten our environment, of course, but they also threaten our economy and our public health. They also represent a challenge to political leadership, writes Joseph Liberman.

The Tsunami and the Brandt report

Since the tsunami world opinion has shifted. People have been so moved by the plight of the people in the devastated areas that they have begun to talk about poverty and injustice in other parts of the world, such as Africa, says Mohammed Mesbahi and Dr. Angela Paine.

Good Health Through Environmental Protection

Regardless as to whether or not Americans as a whole perceive it, we may single out the ten deadly enemies of the American people and of all people of all nations as a matter of fact. These are the ten largest American corporations whose product is virtually lethal, writes Dr. Charles Mercieca.

George Soros, Irrationality and Contrarian Activism

The typical activist approach of trying to get rich countries and companies to 'share the world's resources' fails to take into consideration how these individuals got rich to begin with. The process of accumulating wealth is rarely a rational, direct path. Trying to appeal to the rich to act rationally, therefore is, in most cases, folly, argues Max Keiser.

Review of Michael Crichtons State of Fear

The newest Michael Crichton thriller 'State of Fear', is a real page turner--in more ways than one, unfortunately.  The excessive interruptions of an otherwise good story by Crichton's bad science make State of Fear a bad buy. Save a tree and put it on your library wait list, says Jeffrey M. Masters.

Australia's Greenhouse Policy

Australia should ratify the Kyoto treaty - and enact a longer term strategy involving economy-wide schemes that will provide incentives for the structural changes that will deliver cuts in greenhouse gas emissions at the least possible cost, writes Dr. Colin Hunt.

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