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Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative - Oxford Declaration
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In a declaration from the GCGI's 10th Annual Conference, 'Sharing the Wisdom, Shaping the Dream: Reclaiming the Moral and Spiritual Roots of Economics and Capitalism', a group of activists, economists, academics and members of the business community unanimously agreed on the urgent need to create an equitable and sustainable world for the common good of all.

STWR's director, Rajesh Makwana, was among those who attended the conference which took place at Waterperry House in Oxford, UK. The 'Oxford Declaration' can be read below, and a link to the full list of presentations that were given by participants can be found further down. STWR would like to extend our appreciation to Kamran Mofid, director of the GCGI, for organising the conference, as well as the School of Economic Science for hosting the event.

7th September 2012 - Published by Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative (GCGI)

Oxford Declaration from GCGI 10th Annual International Conference

Sharing the Wisdom, Shaping the Dream: Reclaiming the Moral and Spiritual Roots of Economics and Capitalism

We gather here, at Waterperry House, the spiritual home of the School of Economic Science, close to Oxford, The City of Dreaming Spires, famous the world over for its University and place in history. We are grateful for the warm hospitality and support which we have received. We come together from many countries, cultures, civilisations, faiths, and countless areas of expertise to continue our exploration of pathways to Globalisation for the Common Good. Our time here has been richly inspiring and profoundly motivating. It has yielded a very fruitful dialogue.

In acknowledgment of our past Declarations (Chicago, Istanbul, Hawaii and Kenya) and the many existing documents and efforts that promote peace, sustainability, global interconnectedness, reverence for life and unity, We, the participants of the 10th annual conference of Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative have explored many of the structures needed to move us toward the global good, healing our troubled world. As conference delegates, we affirm our inalienable rights and recognise our obligations, not only as local and national citizens, but as members of the human race and citizens of the planet. We are heirs to the whole evolution of consciousness and culture, which means that we human beings have to see ourselves as part of the Earth community and recognize that all of life is bound together. We realize that, as members of the household of humanity, we must provide security, sanctuary and constructive engagement for all of our human family. Sustained by the bounty of all, called by the Sacred, and animated into action by the Spirit of Peace, Justice, and Reverence for All Life, we, hereby acknowledge and pledge to hold ourselves responsible to and accountable for:

  • Life-serving environmental stewardship,
  • The fulfilment of universal basic human needs worldwide,
  • Economic and social well-being,
  • A culture of peace and non-violence,
  • Dialogue of Civilisations and Interfaith Dialogue,
  • An innovative development model based on the recognition of and respect for human rights and the Rights of Nature,
  • Values-led education,
  • Values-led economics, business, finance, politics, good governance, transparency, and full accountability,
  • Volunteerism and Service,
  • Dialogue and engagement with Youth,
  • Care for Senior Citizens in keeping with respect for their life experience and wisdom,
  • The physical and cultural survival of indigenous peoples through new expressions and forms of sovereignty and self-determination,
  • The world’s wisdom traditions, which offer living examples of the fruits of contemplation and reflection for contemporary society.

Thus, to insure a sustainable and harmonious world, nurturing and nourishing the global common good, for present and future generations.

The world is engulfed by a multitude of crises, including enduring poverty for many, hunger, resource depletion, a lack of development and growth, economic and social injustice, climate change, species extinction, war, and violence. It is in dialogue with one another respecting alternative cultures, different religions and diverse social norms, nationalities, and ethnicities, that we will find the global solutions needed for our planet, our human family, and the larger community of the natural world to which we belong. In breaking down barriers towards mutual understanding and respect, in bringing together people from many walks of life, various careers, nations, and organizations, We of the Globalization for the Common Good Initiative, inspired by our dialogue have discovered together our hope for a better world.

Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative, at Waterperry House, Oxford, September 5, 2012

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