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STWR has launched a new website:

This older website is no longer being updated and is due to be closed down within the next few weeks.

All of STWR’s own content has been transferred to the new website, but most of the third-party content currently on the old site will soon be unavailable.

If you have any questions, contact

Campaigns & Activities

Below is a summary of all our campaign initiatives, please follow the link to read the full text.
Global Sharing Day: Press Release from STWR

STWR are one of the partners for the world’s first ever Global Sharing Day on Wednesday 14th November. As a host of sharing-related activities take place throughout the day, let’s celebrate the importance of sharing in all its forms – including in relation to poverty, inequality and climate change. 

STWR Newsletter: November 2012

In recent months, STWR has attended a number of conferences and published various papers in which we argue the necessity of sharing global resources, and call on everyone to raise their voice for global sharing. An update of news and activities from Share The World's Resources. 

STWR's Presentation at the World Public Forum 2012

STWR presented a paper entitled 'Envisioning a New Earth: Sharing the World's Resources' during the third plenary session of the World Public Forum 'Dialogue of Civilisations' 2012 conference, which took place in Rhodes, Greece. A video and edited transcript of the presentation are available below.

Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative - Oxford Declaration

In a declaration from the GCGI's 10th Annual Conference, 'Sharing the Wisdom, Shaping the Dream: Reclaiming the Moral and Spiritual Roots of Economics and Capitalism', a group of activists, economists, academics and members of the business community unanimously agreed on the urgent need to create an equitable and sustainable world for the common good of all.

Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice

International and regional civil society organizations and networks from countries all over the world have launched a global campaign to prevent catastrophic climate change and ensure just and fair sharing of drastic emissions reductions.

The World Is Revolting Against the US Economic and Business Model: A Call to Action

The study of business and economics remains largely disconnected from moral, social and spiritual considerations. Alongside leading thinkers from civil society, STWR has endorsed a statement calling for a new economy based on shared ethics and values.

NGOs Call on British PM to Support Robin Hood Tax

Political momentum for an EU-wide financial transactions tax is gaining pace. As European leaders meet this week to discuss economic policy, members of the Robin Hood Tax campaign have called on British PM David Cameron to give the initiative his full support.

IMF Gold Windfall Should Serve the Poor, Urge Global Development Advocates

The International Monetary Fund recently reported windfall profits of $2.8 billion from the sale of 403.3 tons of gold. In a joint statement with leading global civil society networks, STWR calls for the proceeds to be used to cancel the debts of poor countries facing crises outside their control.

STWR Joins 'World Bank Out of Climate Finance' Campaign

Plans to hand control of global climate funds over to the World Bank – an undemocratic institution recognised as one of the main drivers of current unsustainable development trends – are being met with stiff opposition. In an open letter to the governments of the world, STWR joins the call to keep the World Bank out of climate finance.

G-20: Take Action on Financial Transaction Taxes

An internationally coordinated financial transactions tax is a practical way to generate much needed revenues and discourage damaging short-term financial speculation. STWR joins with civil society groups around the world to demand G20 leaders take the idea forward.

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