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Articles published by STWR

Below is a list of all the articles published by STWR, please follow the link to read the full article.
Indigenous Land Rights in Australia

Given the history of native title in Australia, it is difficult to see how indigenous land rights can ever be truly respected through the current legal system. Rather, the non-indigenous population must genuinely acknowledge and redress the wrongs of the past, writes Justin Frewen.

Rebuilding Local Economies: A Shift in Priorities

The grassroots movement for economic localisation represents a positive and practical response to the challenges of food insecurity, climate change, peak oil and financial instability. Governments should support this alternative vision for sustainable, human-scale development, writes Anna White.

The “Green Chomsky” on the Hidden Hunger Crisis

The structural barriers to fighting hunger are actually woven into faulty neoliberal economic policies. Until self-sufficiency takes precedence over agricultural exports, vulnerability to food crises in developing countries will continue, says Devinder Sharma in an interview with Eduardo Almeida.

Trade Not Aid?

The current free trade model promoted by the World Trade Organization prevents developing countries from introducing economic reforms suitable to their own poverty-reduction needs. A ‘one size fits all’ approach will never alleviate inequality and hunger, writes Justin Frewen.

Hunger in the South

In a food system driven almost exclusively by the market-value of commodities, hunger is largely a result of insufficient income. Agricultural production must be completely rethought to prioritise the nutritional needs of people, particularly those living in poverty, argues Justin Frewen.

‘Health for All’: The Second Dawn

It may seem that the goal of universal primary health care - in which state capacities are strengthened to ensure the rapid expansion of free publicly-provided health services - is further away than ever before. But there are many signs that the ideal of 'health for all' is making a second resurgence, writes Adam Parsons.

In Defence of Downshifting and Work Sharing

The proposal for fewer and more evenly shared work hours seems counter-intuitive in the current economic framework. Only by removing the structural bias towards overwork and hyper-consumerism can we build lasting prosperity within ecological limits, argues Anna White.

The Follies of Growth and Climate Denial

The rising tide of economic growth has failed to lift all boats and is now promising to be environmentally disastrous. In the face of anthropogenic climate change, global poverty and growing inequality, we must urgently reassess our obsession with GDP, argues Rajesh Makwana.

This House Puts Combating Climate Change Before Economic Growth

The endless pursuit of economic growth is unsustainable, unjust and the root cause of climate change. We need a new economic paradigm built on the foundations of sustainability, justice, cooperation and sharing, argues Rajesh Makwana.

Challenging the Bailout Economy

As Europe frantically shores up an unravelling economic system, popular protests are erupting against adjustments made to placate the finance markets. Austerity measures and bailouts may keep the banks happy, but what about the people? By Anna White.

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