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STWR has launched a new website:

This older website is no longer being updated and is due to be closed down within the next few weeks.

All of STWR’s own content has been transferred to the new website, but most of the third-party content currently on the old site will soon be unavailable.

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Articles published by STWR

Below is a list of all the articles published by STWR, please follow the link to read the full article.
Why We Should All Be Talking About Global Sharing

Today, it seems that the idea of sharing is being discussed in almost any context except the political economy. This may be understandable, but if we're serious about ending poverty and healing the environment perhaps it's about time that we all start talking about global sharing.

Press Release: Financing the Global Sharing Economy

A new report by Share The World’s Resources demonstrates how governments could mobilise over $2.8 trillion every year to bolster the ‘global sharing economy’ and prevent life-threatening deprivation, reverse austerity measures and mitigate the human impacts of climate change.

It’s Time to Prioritize the Global Sharing Economy

The very basis of the sharing economy is being eroded in countries where austerity measures are dramatically reducing public spending on social welfare and essential services. But governments could collect and redistribute huge quantities of additional finance for critical human needs, argue Rajesh Makwana and Adam Parsons.

Living in the Gift: On Retreat with Charles Eisenstein

What would the world look like if money embodied our values, if the best business decision was the best decision for society, and if wealth was defined by how much we give, not how much we have? Charles Eisenstein shared his insights during a workshop attended by STWR's Adam Parsons.

The Failure of Rio+20 is a Wake-Up Call for People Power

Following the ‘hoax summit' and failure of political leadership at Rio+20, it is clear that the responsibility for change rests with ordinary, engaged citizens to forge a united and informed world public opinion that is stronger than any government or vested interest, writes Adam Parsons.

Ein Gespräch über Protest, Teilen und Gerechtigkeit

Da sich die Wirtschaftskrise verschlimmert, ist es die allererste Pflicht der Regierungen, das politische und ökonomische System dahingehend neu zu gestalten, dass kein Mensch mehr an Hunger stirbt. Dies wird aber ohne eine beispiellose Unterstützung  der öffentlichen Meinung nicht möglich sein, sagt Mohammed Mesbahi

Should We Celebrate a Decline in Global Poverty?

The World Bank's latest data suggests a decline in global poverty throughout every region of the developing world, as well as the fulfillment of the Millennium Development Goal on halving poverty well ahead of schedule. But is this really the 'good news' that we are led to believe? By Adam Parsons.

Global Justice and the Future of Hope

The experience of Iceland, as highlighted in the film ‘Future of Hope', presents movements for social justice with a vision for creating change on a global scale. Central to this process is the need to replace self-interest, competition and greed with values that promote the development of a sustainable and equitable world - such as sharing and cooperation, argues Rajesh Makwana.

A Propos des Protestation, du Partage et de la Justice

Devant la crise économique qui s’aggrave, la réponse correcte des gouvernements serait de concevoir nos systèmes politique et économique de manière nouvelle de sorte que personne ne meure plus de faim. Mais, cela ne se fera pas sans une montée sans précédent de soutien populaire, déclare Mohammed Mesbahi.

A Dialogue on Protest, Sharing and Justice

As the economic crisis worsens, the foremost responsibility of governments is to redesign our political and economic systems so that no-one dies of hunger. But this will never happen without an unparalleled uprising of public support, says Mohammed Mesbahi.

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