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Aid, Debt & Development

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STWR Articles
Will Development Goals Ever Be Enough?

Governments must accept that the root causes of poverty, inequality and climate change will never be addressed without substantial reforms to the global economy. In the meanwhile, the post-2015 development goals need to be much more ambitious about preventing avoidable poverty-related deaths within an immediate timeframe.   

The Silent Humanitarian Crises Beyond East Africa

The international response to the East African crisis is far short of urgent needs, yet the extreme deprivation being reported is only the tip of the iceberg. A massively upscaled redistribution of resources from North to South is needed if we are to prevent needless poverty-related deaths worldwide, write Rajesh Makwana and Adam Parsons.

Development and its Discontents

After decades of failing to address the root causes of poverty and inequality, the aid industry is bigger than ever. Is it time for some serious soul-searching on the value of ‘development’? A review of Rasna Warah's 'Missionaries, Mercenaries and Misfits', by Anna White.

Debt Burden Cripples Poorer Nations

While the burden of debt is crippling poorer nations, cancellation of what is outstanding is not enough. There is an urgent need to restructure the current financial framework if a sustainable solution is ever to be realised, argues Justin Frewen.

International Aid and Economy Still Failing Sub-Saharan Africa

Despite international commitment to the Millennium Development Goals, a recent UN report revealed that poverty will not be halved in any sub-Saharan country by 2015, indicating yet another failure of the system of aid and stregthening the call for a more robust international strategy to secure economic justice for developing countries.

Another False Dawn for Overseas Aid

The latest overseas aid figures are no suprise to the developing world, writes Adam Parsons. Broken promises will continue to make newspaper headlines until the deeper contradictions and biases of the current economic approach are addressed.

DFID's response to STWR'S article: ''The Tsunami and the Brandt Report

A response to Mohammed Mesbahi's article - the Tsunami, the Brandt Report and other matters - from Christine Edwards of the Department for International Development.