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STWR has launched a new website:

This older website is no longer being updated and is due to be closed down within the next few weeks.

All of STWR’s own content has been transferred to the new website, but most of the third-party content currently on the old site will soon be unavailable.

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Featured Reports
Why Africa Should Stand up for Tax Justice

The persistence of the tax havens allows billions of dollars of profit to be siphoned out of Africa, untaxed, every year. Stemming this flow a vital part of African countries' efforts to become less reliant on foreign aid and the vagaries of external capital, says a report by the Tax Justice Network.

Illicit Financial Flows from Africa

The total illicit outflow of money from Africa far exceeds the inflow of development aid. Staunching this drain on public finance is essential for poverty alleviation and economic development across the continent, says a report by Global Financial Integrity.

Sustainable Security in Sub-Saharan Africa

The peace keeping agenda in Africa is ineffective because it focuses on controlling violence through military force - rather than  addressing the causes of conflict such as climate change, competition over resources and marginalisation of the poor. A report by the Oxford Research Group.

"Looters’ War" in the Congo

In light of the current humanitarian disaster in the Congo, powerful governments continue to ignore the bloody nexus of mineral extraction and civil war. However, a series of UN documents lay bare the influence of external intervention and multinational corporations in the country. By Jooneed Khan.

Millions in Africa Could Starve - Kofi Annan

The food crisis is threatening to "destroy years, if not decades, of economic progress" as "100 million people are being pushed back into absolute poverty", according to former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan.

In Africa: Beyond Humanitarianism

Africa has risen steadily in importance to the United States in recent years. Traditionally, Africa has been thought of primarily as an object of humanitarian concern. That perception has been highlighted by popular figures, such as Bono, Bob Geldof, George Clooney and others, focusing public attention on Africa's poverty, conflicts and major diseases. Africa has further captured worldwide attention due to the conflict in Darfur. Because the United States has judged the Sudanese government's campaign in the region to be genocide, the conflict has taken on enormous moral importance.

IEO Report: Evaluation finds that IMF misleads the public about its role in Africa

A report released by the Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) of the IMF criticises the role of the IMF in managing aid inflows to Sub-Saharan Africa, but fails to address more fundamental questions about the Fund’s role in low-income countries.