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STWR has launched a new website:

This older website is no longer being updated and is due to be closed down within the next few weeks.

All of STWR’s own content has been transferred to the new website, but most of the third-party content currently on the old site will soon be unavailable.

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News and Analysis

'Individual Ownership is the No 1 Source of Inefficiency'

The Guardian newspaper asked 50 readers and public figures how they would lead the world out of the climate predicament. According to the secretary general of Co-Operatives UK, it is time for the old idea of sharing to inspire us again. By Ed Mayo

IMF $2.7bn Windfall to be Used to Subsidise Lending

The IMF has decided to spend a $2.7 billion windfall from selling gold at a high price by subsidising lending to low income countries. The decision was taken at a meeting of the IMF Board in Washington DC on Friday 28 September, according to the Jubilee Debt Campaign.

The Root of Europe's Riots

Given recent changes in the IMF, it is ironic to see European governments inflicting old-IMF-style programmes on their own populations. The danger is that austerity measures will not only kill European economies, but also threaten the very legitimacy of European democracies, writes Ha-Joon Chang.

Corporations Create the Problem, Co-Ops Offer the Solution

Cooperatives offer a means by which to change the economic and social landscape and directly tackle issues of wealth inequality, outsourcing of jobs and high unemployment. By bringing democracy to our communities we can transform society and the economy, write Brian Van Slyke and Taliesin Nyala.

The Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2012

Civil society representatives launching the fifth annual report on the right to food and nutrition state that it is impossible to combat the causes of hunger while keeping existing power relations untouched. A report by members of the Right to Food and Nutrition Watch Consortium.

Egypt's Turmoil is a Distraction from IMF Economic Agenda

The economic causes of Egypt's revolution are obscured by political and religion tensions, and barely discussed in the mainsteam media. But the path to genuine development, a fairer distribution of wealth and falling poverty remains open – unless the IMF gets its way, writes Nick Dearden.

Blogging at the 2012 Degrowth Conference in Venice

A series of four blogs give a colourful insight to the 3rd International Conference on Degrowth, Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity held in Venice, with speakers including Helena Norberg-Hodge, Serge Latouche, Silke Helfrich and Arturo Escobar among others. By Rob Hopkins.

Nuclear is Not the Solution, it’s Part of the Problem

A golden age of energy is coming to an end and we have to make the transition to a new age, before our fossil fuel inheritance is spent. But the urgency of the climate challenge and the immaturity of nuclear technology means we must turn to renewables to find a solution, writes Dr. Thiemo Gropp.

A ‘Land Sovereignty’ Alternative? Towards a Peoples’ Counter-Enclosure

We need to come to grips with land issues in a changing global context and rethink what may be needed to mobilise effectively in such a setting. Our analysis suggests that 'land sovereignty’ is a framework worth considering, write Saturnino M. Borras Jr. and Jennifer C. Franco.

As Aid Shrinks, U.N.’s Development Goals Under Threat

If the developing world fails to meet the targets set in the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the primary blame for the failure would be on Western donors who have reneged on their aid commitments, according to a United Nations report on the MDG financing gap. By

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